Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Wish I had my Camera

I was driving home from Ikea today during rush hour. I was zoned out a little bit waiting for a long line of cars so that the truck in front of me could turn left.

The guy in the big rig in front of me hopped out because, I presume, he'd dropped something out the window. That's when I took note of his truck.

Where the license plate was supposed to be was a white license plate-sized piece of paper. On the top it said "(lost tag)" underneath that was the license plate number, and under that "Ohio". Somehow I'd forgotten both my camera and my cell phone so the event was unable to be documented. After lamenting my inability to share this sight, I noticed that the same information was written on the back door of the truck in black marker.

It's times like these I'm embarrassed to be a mid-westerner.

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