Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When Will it End?

Lately, my friends and I have been talking a lot about how great our lives are, and it's true. Most of the people I spend time with are hilarious, kind, creative types who love to drink and dance and see live music. This is what keeps us connected. Most of my friends are not in serious long-term relationships, and most of the ones that are sort of drifted away into domestication while I continued to party in spite of my marital status. We don't have any kids or any dreams of having kids anytime soon. My husband and I love living our lives for ourselves (and each other) right now and just can't imagine what life would be like if we couldn't come and go as we pleased.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a blog today, simply saying "look at this prettiest prego lady ever". We went on and on about how beautiful this girl is and we glanced through the entries, looking at pictures from the blog. This blog is about one man, gorgeous preggo lady's husband, and the birth of his first biological child. I decided to go back to the first entry and read it from the beginning, as I often do with blogs that interest me. I just read this post which I felt summed up things for me right now quite well and I think my friends can appreciate.

Pacing the Panic Room

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The Panic Room said...

Hi :) I am flattered that anyone would take the time to go thru and start at the beginning and read thru. It is amazing to me actually. Anyway, that entry is one of my favorites and nobody ever commented on it. BUT all of my friends read it of course and I had sympathy texts and calls for a week :)

Anyway, just saw that you had linked and wanted to say hi.

Rex said...

Hi! I appreciate you commenting! I've been reading your entries still, trying to catch up to current times. This blog is totally just a fun thing for me that I'm pretty sure just friends are reading, but it's nice when every now and then a stranger comes by. :)

I'll leave more comments as I read from now's always fun when that new comment email comes in!

Tori said...

wow. she really *is* the prettiest preggo lady i've ever seen. the photography in that blog is just fantastic! (i won't lie--i mostly just skimmed the pictures.)


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