Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's a Small World

Bumper Bowl: do you remember Leach*?


BB: well, i got this email from him...

"hey man whats up... I finished school in salt lake a couple weeks ago and started a job at this company in blue ash called ____...apparently you know someone who works here, because during the orientation process walking around, i saw you in a picture with some girl that works here...but she wasn't here so I'm unsure of her name... but apparently Bosslady works here too..."

BB: you have a picture of me up??
BB: *tear

Rex: hahah
Rex: yes
Rex: ha Bosslady says he came over here the other day like "i know that guy!" and she was like "that's like, her best friend"

BB: yesssssssss

Rex: she asked how he knew you and he was like 'some radion station i listen to' and she picked up her mug like 'oh THIS radio station?'

BB: hahaha, that's hilarious

Rex: heck yes it is
Rex: does he know who i am now?

BB: i don't know. i didn't email him back yet.

Rex: email him back "turn around" and then come over here and stand by his desk

BB: hahaha, i'm not that quick. unless i come over there and THEN email him "turn around" from your desk.

Rex: ok let's do that

BB: ok! be right there!

Rex: ok!!1

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