Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nightime Reading Suggestions

Lately the Mister has been on some sort of self-defense kick. I'm not sure what started it, but he has amassed a healthy collection of guns and ammunition in the last few months. He twisted my arm into taking a concealed carry class with him a month or so ago. (Yeah, I now have a License to Kill™) I don't like carrying the gun, but we have compromised for some sort of pepper spray that would put down an elephant.

Most days he'll lie down for a nap or maybe before going to bed and read a book. It's usually some fantasy or sci-fi book. I thought things might be going too far when I passed the bedroom and saw him snugged up with this book and later found it resting on my side of the bed (when I snapped this):

That sexy black and orange 70's design and clip art tipped me off that it was probably some kind of self defense book. This on is the manual that came with his kubaton, Official Kubaton Techniques.

It's one of these things that you see ladies carrying on their key chain. You're supposed to jab it into sensitive parts of the body when being attached. Ahhh makes me want to drift into a peaceful rest just thinking about it!

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