Friday, January 25, 2008

A Day In The Life

Disclaimer: I've had enough caffiene to make a small elephant's heart explode. If you were wondering, I kiss my mother with this mouth.


Fire Eagle: ooooooooooooh so THAT'S what i've been doing wrong!

Rex: i TOLD you you're not supposed to hose it off

Fire Eagle: but it's so much easier!

Rex: but wasn't the baby drowning last time? wasn't it??
Rex: i mean, i know it was only drowning a LITTLE but babies hate that shit.

Fire Eagle: stupid high-maintenance babies.

Rex: you should really stop telling people you're a nanny if you're going to keep hosing down their babies.

Fire Eagle: don't tell me how to live my life!

Rex: you can't go around pissing off babies! those babies will grow up to be REALLY mad at you!

Fire Eagle: IF they remember
Fire Eagle: babies are forgetful as hell

Rex: i guess you're right. and how are you ever going to help the parents have another 'little hercules' if you don't bring the kid to the gym for a couple harmless curls and bench presses? i mean, this thing seems to be telling us that the world needs more weak-ass chubby babies

Fire Eagle: amen

Rex: i tell you what, those babies will be pissed but they'll be clean and strong and they can channel that anger into their training

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