Friday, January 25, 2008

A Night In

Normally, I wouldn't go posting this many entries. Tonight, however, is not a normal night. My shiny new pink laptop came! I'm more butch than not...why, last weekend a friend told Fire Eagle and I that if we were gay for each other that I would definitely be the more manly of the two. This is 2008, Walt, and lesbians can be 2 feminine and classy ladies! Unfortunately I'm not much of either. But something about a custom pink laptop puts me all in a tizzy.

It knows what's up with the great rhymes too.

You're damn right it did! Should have hired Microsoft for your slogan, 2001! Suckers!

Tonight I've also got a little ladyfriend over. She's doing her best to master the Wii right now. She's a very smart 8-year-old, but she's really struggling with this interface. She does, however, really dig the webcam on this baby.

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