Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Public Humiliation: Operation Hot Sauce

This afternoon, my office manager instant messaged my co-worker. It went something like this:

OM: is Rex in the office today?
CW: yes, she's right here.
OM: does she have a bottle of hot sauce in the kitchen?

CW asks me, I say yes.

OM: did she let Office Jerkhole* use it?

of course, I hadn't.

OM: well it's sitting on the counter in the break room next to his pot of chili.

So - I got involved.

REX: what a jerk. stealing my hot sauce.
OM: totally
OM: do you want me to say something to him>?
REX: who is it?
OM: well, Office Jerkhole made the soup
OM: I don't know who took the sauce, but it is sitting on the counter in the small kitchen by the soup pot
REX: well, i like Office Jerkhole and all, but that's kind of a jerk thing to do
OM: with your name clearly written on it
REX: i don't wanna start any trouble or anything. but if you want you're welcome to say something to the culprit
OM: ok
OM: how full was it?
REX: i'm not sure...not totally full. maybe like 1/4 full
OM: ok, it's at about half right now i would say
OM: i will say something to him for sure

A few minutes later, she came over with the bottle. My name is admittedly gimongus on it, written twice, the entire height and width of the label. She says the conversation went something like this.

OM approaches OJh who is on the phone.

OM, noting the headset: "Are you on the phone?"
OJh: "Yes, I'm doing a demonstration. Do you need something?"
OM: I need to talk to you about this. *Presents bottle of delicious wing sauce, meant for my lips only*
OJh: Oh, that goes back there (indicating the kitchen)
OM, stunned: I know it does.
OJh: I'll talk to you about it later.

Learn your lesson people. Keep your Red Hot Wing Sauce™ far from sales.

*hope I spelled your name right!!1one!

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Tori said...

i need a resolution to this conflict. did you and/or OM totally bust OJh?

Rex said...

The non-update update:

REX: did anything further happen with Office Jerkhole and the great hot sauce usage debacle of 2008?
OM: I never got back w/ him yesterday
OM: he brushed me off
REX: lame
REX: i wanted a war.

Tori said...

i wanted a war, too. :(

p.s. your BLOG is pretty entertaining, for, you know, a BLOG.

--faithful JOURNALER.


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