Sunday, January 27, 2008


Picture this. You're at a favorite bar with you buddies, dancing and pouring liquor down your gullet like it's water. All you want to do is have a good time and get some sweet pictures for your myspace/facebook/crack-like social networking site of your choice. You've thoroughly settled into your liquid sweater when the cameras start breaking out. It's the same story.

You get in a picture with her.
Oh, you can get in too!
No, we like you!
No seriously get in!
Oh COME ON get in the picture!
No I won't put it on the internet.
Now you and him!
Now him pouring his drink on his head!
Now him doing the worm!
Now him doing the worm with no pants on!

It goes on all night.

Then, some asshole jumps in the back with is deviant 'brow, ruining a perfectly good picture.

Perhaps you didn't catch that.

You'd be sure that this was an isolated incident, right? 2 1/2 years later, you've never seen anything like this before or since. Then, last night, you're going through the motions.
You and him!
Him and her!
Her and her!
How do you turn on the flash?
No, you're taking a video now!
No YOU bend over the pool table!

He strikes again.

a closer look:

Something must be done.

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bumper_bowl said...

Deviant Brow strikes again!!! OH NOES!!1!

facet squared said...


stupid deviant brow...

(oh, and i'm honored to have anonymously made the blog, too :p)


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